Brought To You By and Orkke Clifton

Hello, Everyone! This is your Editor-in-chief, Orkke. My partner and Publisher, Dan “Dief” Diefenderfer, and I are excited to be celebrating the FIFTH Anniversary of our Lifestyle/Profile magazine in September. We hope you’ll join us in our celebration on our website.

To kick off this Red Letter Event, we will be bringing back some of your favorite content from the past in our August edition. You will find the tagline, “A BLAST FROM THE PAST” at the beginning of these.

Please be sure to check out the links to all the wonderful stories on Facebook and Instagram that will direct you to “the rest of the story” on the website. Or, hang out right here and wander around everything in the drop down menu. It’s a great way to spend a day!

Dief and I send you all our special “Thanx” for your loyalty and support, as we continue to bring you lively, interesting, fun interviews, blogs, stories, advertorials, and more from our very favorite state in the nation, Louisiana! We couldn’t do it without our advertisers, readers, and content providers … y’all ROCK!

And, remember … is where to GEAUX when you need to KNEAUX :)!!!

Big Thanx … We Love Y’all All …

Orkke Clifton, Editor-in-chief

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