by Dan Diefenderfer

We are slowly starting to rebound in Central Louisiana! There are actually cars on the roads and commerce taking place. I was able to get my haircut and suddenly realized, sometimes, it’s the small things you take for granted.

I no longer have to worry about my Honey-Do list. I have finished it and more. I have never gone this long between oil changes. So many things are different. I look forward to the schools reopening, sports starting up and to all of us enjoying the things we love.

People are creatures of habit and I believe we will eventually get to the “norm,” as we will know it. I do think it is smart to wear a mask in stores and at events until there is a cure or vaccine available. No one will forget 2020, including: shutdowns, weddings, funerals, rest homes, graduations, travel, salons, restaurants … everyone experienced change!

In America, we are known for our strength and determination, and in Central Louisiana, we can rely on our viable, healthy communities to execute positive steps to overcome what we have faced. We will always be in this together! Digital Magazine is available on all your devices. We work 24/7 online and have you in mind when you want to dine out, are looking for events, wondering where to hear music, need to enjoy some colorful, local stories or stay in touch with the news from your friends and neighbors around Cenla!

It is going to be a HOT July, so do me a favor and make sure you tell someone how much you Love them and, remember, we are all brothers and sisters … treat everyone you see with respect! May you have the best day ever!

All my Love! Dief

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