by Jennifer DePriest

In the month that is dedicated to love, I thought it would be fitting to explore how we can bring more love into the world. We find hearts in the world in all colors, shapes, sizes and textures. People are often like the many hearts that I collect and display in my home, all unique and different, yet all are longing to be loved. Sometimes unexpected events and circumstances, like I talked about last month, can leave a heart hurting or wounded, but I think that just makes my following points even more important. When I find people in these types of situations, it just makes me want to figure out how to show them love even more. So I have devised the following list of aids to help me show love toward others.

L – Laughter
O – Observant
V – Vivacious
E – Energetic & Encouraging

Life has taught me that laughter can heal a multitude of things. It is okay to laugh through the tears, if that is what is needed. The most important thing to remember is that in both good times and the not so good moments, laughter is incredible medicine. It can open a door for communication to take place.

A critical step in this process is to be observant. This requires us to look and listen to those around us. Read between the lines. If you see someone that looks like they could use a kind word, then offer one. It is in these moments, when we are observant, that those of us with a vivacious spirit can draw others into our sunshine. If we are encouraging and energetic, we can revive those whose hearts are hurting. We can lift spirits and show love during this month through our laughter, observations, and vivacious, energetic, energy. We can be the love that our families, friends, community and world so desperately need. And we can do all of this without ever having to spend a dime.

I hope that my approach to loving others will also be beneficial to you as well, and I hope that you find your month filled with love and laughter.



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