L is for Late Bloomer

by Pauline Reneaux

With fall right around the corner, we generally don’t think of it being a time for things to bloom, but I found this topic particularly fitting for this month’s piece. In a time when we see kids growing up way too fast and we see things changing all around us at an ever increasing speed, we often think of people being a “late bloomer” as a bad thing. Recently, I heard a preacher talk about being a late bloomer and when I looked at the changes I am making in my own life, I couldn’t help but also think of myself as a late bloomer. In fact, one of the new quilts that I will start this fall is called “Late Bloomer.”

What I have come to realize and embrace is that, sometimes, life can cause us to keep our talents and potential buried. This may be as a result of everyday responsibilities or other circumstances. Sometimes we find the good and not so good moments helping our talent and potential start to grow. This process may take several years. Often times, what some would call a “midlife crisis” may not be a crisis at all. Maybe we are finally starting to bloom into who we were meant to be all along. It takes courage, determination, hard work, and persistence, a tribe of people who believe in us, and a lot of faith to water our talents so that they may grow. It can be exciting and scary all at the same time, but I would much rather experience all of these feelings and embrace the unknown than to never try.

So what I would suggest is that maybe some of us aren’t “late bloomers” after all. Maybe, just maybe, we have to let life help us grow and cultivate our talents so at just the right time we can, indeed, bloom into the people we were meant to be all along. Wine improves with age and as we, too, age and grow from our life experiences, doesn’t it allow us to become beautiful creations. Just like a rose, we all have thorns that we must deal with in life, but the incredible color and fragrance of the rose, sure makes the thorns worthwhile. No matter when we bloom, whether early or when we reach the prime of our lives, all that matters is that we did, indeed, bloom and let the world see the incredible bouquets that we have become.

Until next month…
Blessings, Pauline


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