by Ronny Green

This evening allow me to invite you along for some delicious dishes anyone can make that are sure to exalt you to the dinner party king/queen amongst your friends and family.

I can’t be the only one who is always either on the lookout for a new restaurant to eat at or new recipes to try at home. This isn’t the first time Chef Dief’s recipes and Ronny G’s food selfies, turned food reviews, have shared a dinner table. After tonight’s shindig, featuring robust flavors, I’m sure it won’t be the last. So, prepare the ingredients, invite your pals over, pour some libations, and let the good vibrations flow and roll.

Let’s begin with a salad. Iceberg lettuce won’t cut it, show your guests you aren’t a novice host and go with the mix of arugula, baby spinach, etc. Top that with fresh chopped green onions, green bell peppers, heirloom tomatoes, plump red tomatoes, and pecans for a little added crunch. Finish off with a little feta cheese and fresh grated parmesan, toss in your choice of dressing and, viola, a shimmering colorful starter salad full of fresh flavors. I added a little lagniappe to the menu with some South Beach shrimp, a unique blend of sweet and spicy shrimp sauteed and served with an even sweeter, even spicier pineapple jalapeno aioli dipping sauce.

Who says you must spend all evening standing over the stove to create an exceptional main course? And when you have good company over, and another round of good top shelf margaritas, who wants to stand over the stove all night anyway.

Chef Dief’s linguine and clam sauce is one of those simple recipes you can whip up while opening a bottle of wine and changing the tempo on the playlist without missing a beat. The clams are prepared with olive oil, chopped garlic, Italian parsley and white wine. Gather your guests around the table, pour a glass of chardonnay and serve the linguine in a bowl. This is when a true master of dinner party ceremonies shines by pulling out the cheese grater to top the finished product with the fresh parmesan; until you say “enough,” like they do at your favorite Italian garden restaurant.

Cheers to Chef Dief on his wonderful hospitality, Cin Cin … Salute!

Ronny Green
Ronny G lives in the NeighborHood Star Entertainment promotions department,
only comes out for good food and a good time … 
For more culinary adventures and shenanigans …

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