by Pauline Reneaux

We often see people decorate using angels and angel wings, especially at Christmas, but an interesting correlation is how the theme for this piece came to life. November 1st is also known as All Saints Day, which is a Christian solemnity to celebrate saints, both known and unknown. Not the New Orleans Saints, but those saints such as Saint Frances, Saint Rita or Saint Anthony. During one of my 3 am writing sessions, before the sun even thought about opening his eyes, “Flying on Angels’ Wings” began to evolve. Writing is stress relief for me. It is through writing that I am given the chance to let my creativity, and the desires whispered to my heart, merge together on the page.

In the stillness and the quiet of the early morning hours on All Saints Day, I was reminded of the adventurous, beautiful, caring, fun and spontaneous angels that have gone before me and are watching over me. I am thankful for all they taught me and for the gifts that have been bestowed upon me. They are the inspiration behind my writing projects, because their lives make for my fun and phenomenal characters.

I used November to lean in and embrace all they left behind, and I am so thankful for this time. Their memories are truly giving my wings the gust of wind that I have needed to rise to new heights. When we allow the angels that once blessed our lives to inspire our tomorrows, we are left with a certain peace and freedom. They may not be physically with us, but the things they have poured into our lives are used to help us fly to new destinations. It is the stories passed down and the adventures I share with them that guide the outlines for my books.

As I get ready for a new year, I am also getting ready for the new direction that I feel my life is taking. Isn’t that the gift 2020 gave us? Didn’t it give us time alone to examine our lives and see what we wanted or needed to change? Didn’t it give us time to reflect on our lives and see where we might want to go in the years to come? Didn’t it give us the opportunity to take off our glasses, if they were rose colored, and see our surroundings with clear vision?

I am so thankful for the clarity that 2020 brought to my life. I am so thankful for the angels that added spice to my life, and adventures that will keep me writing for as long as I have breath. This time that 2020 gave me to examine the people, places and things in my life has been such a precious gift. It is now time for me to take the gifts from the lessons I learned this year and let them be the wind under my own wings of change in the coming year.

What did 2020 teach you?

What positive lessons did you learn during these unprecedented times? What lessons did your own angels leave you with that you need to take out into the world? Did they give you stories you need to tell? Did they leave you with gifts that maybe you have forgotten to use, like the gift of entertaining or the gift of giving your time to help others. Maybe there is a talent you had, and you’ve always wanted to explore it as well.

Why not let 2021 be the year that you let their legacy be the wind beneath your own wings. 2020 has truly shown us what a gift life is, and 2021 would be the perfect time to take our lives and bring our talents into the world so we can help others with the gifts we have been given. I cannot wait until this time next year to reflect on this time so I can see where my angels take me.

Why not take some time to write down what 2020 has taught you? What do you want to change in your life? What new things do you want to learn? Who do you want to help? How can your life make the world around you a little bit better? Take your notes, place them in an envelope, and save them to open on Dec 1, 2021 to see where the year takes you.

Our journey through life, in the highs and the lows, can all be used to create a beautiful story that we can leave as our legacy. One day we will be someone’s angel, and our thoughts and prayers and hopes and dreams, written down, will be the wind that lets our own loved ones fly. Our lives can be a gift to others, so we should use all the time we have to create the most meaningful and precious memories possible.

Use 2021 to fly toward your destiny!



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