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We have no idea what’s in store during this hurricane season, especially with these historical high temperatures. Imagine you are in the path of a potentially catastrophic hurricane. As the storm moves inland, your anxiety grows, and you wonder, how do you keep your home and loved ones safe? Now imagine that you care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities that live directly in the path of a destructive storm and will require evacuation to a safe shelter designed to meet their unique needs..

It seems we face this challenge every year. Over the last couple of years, Evergreen Life Services has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars seeking shelter for those we serve during a storm and sometimes for weeks afterward until damages to community homes are complete. We could not do it without you! You have been a dedicated partner through recovery efforts by providing prayers and financial support.

We love our life on the Gulf Coast, but we all know hurricanes will continue, and many experts predict they will be more powerful and frequent. It is not if it will occur but when it will form, make landfall, and threaten the safety of those we serve.

Thanks to a generous donor, we now have a building in Central Louisiana that can serve as an emergency evacuation center. To create a safe and comfortable temporary emergency shelter for all the individuals we serve and to meet the medical needs of our most fragile residents, we need your help! We need to purchase several items, including hospital beds, more than 80 cots and air mattresses, a large supply of shelf-stable meals, water, and other shelf-stable drinks, linens, pillows, blankets, and towels to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season.

Other needs include first aid supplies, washing stations, medical supplies, and equipment, to be stored at each evacuation site. The list seems endless. That is why we are asking for your help.

Every gift is vital! Your financial contributions can provide calm during storms by ensuring we can keep our individuals safe and able to withstand anything Mother Nature brings our way. A gift of $50 can provide pillows and bedding, or $150 can provide a cot with an air mattress so our residents can comfortably rest during their stay away from home. We estimate more than $100,000 will be needed to complete this project. Will you please consider a generous gift to help us be prepared to handle emergency evacuations this hurricane season? We will be working to modify the Central Louisiana building and ensure it can serve as a fully equipped evacuation site in the future, but right now, we urgently need your support so that it can serve as a comfortable and safe temporary evacuation site for this hurricane season.

Your support will help keep those we serve safe today and for years to come!  Thank you in advance for your generosity.


Dr. Sue Buchholtz

President & CEO

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