Music & Art


Brought To You By City Park Players March 23-April2

by Thomas Hirshak

Directed by Jim Weinzettle

March 23 – April 2

DRAMA/COMEDY:  Imagine meeting and even falling in love with one of the Greek gods or goddesses. “Escaping the Labyrinth” tells the story of Bud Schlieman, a young American professor who happens to meet one of the Greek gods while on a trip to Greece. During a conversation with him, one of the gods reveals themselves to him, and he sets out on a journey to meet the goddess Artemis. When he meets and falls in love with her, she runs away. He sets on a journey through the rest of the show to find her. Is he able to find her? 

Whether you are looking for an escape from your house or looking for a journey that takes you to travel to places you may not see every day, “Escaping the Labyrinth” is a fantastic show. From the beautiful technical elements to the fantastic cast, this play allows the audience to attend, relax, and enjoy an evening of theatre.

Starring:  Mike White, Steven Smith, Reade Spivey, Jill Dupont, Timberly Deville, Regan Amburgey, Jeff Goelz, and Jim Weinzettle.

Tickets range between $5-15.  Advance tickets available for purchase at  Tickets will also be available in the box office before each show; Doors open 30 minutes before each show.  For more information, please contact us at: Banner Ad
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