by Dony Wynn

One day last year, I awoke and had lost all desire to live within four walls. Because of what I do for a living, I’m able to live without borders. In fact, living in such a way is preferable, almost essential for what I do. After much research, I found the perfect travel rig, a MyPod, basically a queen size bed and a wall of technology. All I need.

I left basecamp Chattanooga headed Southwest.

First stop: Austin. I played drums on a Kathy McCarty record, did two live shows with Aimee Bobruk, too. I also met with my printers to generate materials for an upcoming show.

Next stop was Santa Fe where I met a friend who deals in antiquities and cool music projects. I overdubbed drums onto instrumental music prerecorded by some Uzbekistan musicians, ones who also play with Peter Gabriel. Big plus was the best New Mexican Mexican meal I’ve ever had. El Comal, a funky joint stashed away in a strip mall was the culprit. Food was 5 star. Superb.

Once done, I moved operations south to Albuquerque. I stayed with a gifted photographer, Wendy Kappy and her husband, Glenn, who graciously gave me use of their carport. Wendy and I shot for 3 days straight. She took me to some junk yards which were rife with the type prey we’re after. The wind beat us up, but we scored. Large.

I stayed in a remote campsite south of town for a few days to edit the new plunder. No rest while you’re alive…

I’m now in White Sands, New Mexico where, except for the occasional horn of a train, it’s serene, quiet. And yes, more work to do.

Here’s a few shots from the trip. There’s gold in that there trash! Keep it comin’.

See y’all down the road a piece.
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