by Jennifer DePriest

When Barry threatened our community last month, it reminded me that, sometimes, the not so good events in our lives can bring about incredible positive changes. When we are in the middle of life’s storms, we may not understand it at the time, but once the storm passes and the rainbow appears, we can often see the silver lining. The silver lining may come through our ability to take what we learned while in our storm so we can help someone else. I know this has been the case in my own life, and it definitely shapes all of the work that I am pursuing.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love bees. The reason I love and respect them so much stems from the fact that their ability to fly is, indeed, a miracle. Their size and shape, in comparison to the design of their wings, for all practical purposes, should make it impossible for them to fly … and yet they do. They not only beat the odds and fly, but their life’s work consists of producing honey, which blesses us in the process. I, too, have beaten the odds a time or two. I, too, hope to bless others with my life’s work, as well.

As I work on making changes in my own life, I am embracing my journey. I don’t hope for miracles along the way, I expect them as I boldly wait for their arrival. Instead of being anxious or fearful of the unknown, I am using this time as an opportunity to learn new things and really lean in so that I might discover what I want to be when I grow up. After all, when our kids leave the nest, isn’t this the time that we really can sit back and decide what exactly we want to be when we grow up?

So I am letting the changes in my life provide the lift my wings need so that I may fly to parts unknown, fulfill dreams that I have held within my heart for a life time and, in the process, I am reaching goals and accomplishing milestones that I never dreamed possible. May I encourage you the next time you find the winds of change at your back to stop and, instead of asking, “why me,” take a moment and look to the heavens and ask, “how can I use this to help someone else who needed me to fly down this path ahead of them.” I can promise you that even in the darkest and most trying storms, taking my advice will help you fly on the winds of change.

Until next month…

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