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The Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX) and the City of Marksville are hosting a 2-day demonstration project on May 19th and 20th to revitalize Washington Street and make downtown Marksville more pedestrian-friendly. Volunteers will be painting the street with curb extensions and artful crosswalks, adding site furniture and landscape planters, and outlining a historic walking trail through the city.

QUOTE FROM JACQUES re: importance of project to the city/residents + invitation to event

“This revitalization project is more than just beautifying Marksville,” said Jacques Goudeau, president of Marksville Main Street, a nonprofit dedicated to the revitalization of Marksville’s downtown area. “It’s about fostering a sense of community and belonging among our residents, and creating a safer, healthier, and more livable environment for everyone. Our historic walking trail will provide a deeper understanding of the cultural significance of our city, while the artful street installations will attract visitors and locals alike, transforming our downtown into a welcoming and vibrant hub of activity. I invite all Marksville residents to join us in this effort. By working together, we can create a city that we are all proud to call home. Let’s come together on May 19th and 20th to build a better future for our community, and lay the groundwork for a brighter and more prosperous Marksville.”

This project is a continuation of CPEX’s Get Marksville Moving: An Action Plan for Improving Mobility and Health,” a plan that presents a list of recommendations that will make Marksville a more accessible and connected environment for residents and visitors. This plan responds to input from Marksville residents who want to revitalize downtown and foster economic development, increase quality of life and mobility, and better connect to community-wide and regional assets and attractions. The demonstration project will support these objectives by turning Washington Street into a bright destination, with paint, planters, and furniture designating clear zones for pedestrian activity.

CPEX is still seeking volunteers to participate on Saturday, May 20th. Learn more about the event and/or sign up to volunteer here.

About the Center for Planning Excellence
The nonprofit Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX) brings people, culture, and planning together to make great communities happen. CPEX coordinates urban, rural and regional planning efforts in Louisiana, by working to create great neighborhoods and quality places; transportation choices; healthy, resilient, and equitable communities; and promoting civic
engagement and education. More information is available at

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