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Photos by Burg Ransom

We’re not sure how you all feel about it, but it seems like this new year took a while getting here! However … we’re very happy to see it arrive and look forward to the new horizons ahead of us. I know you fans of Burg Ransom’s work are waiting to see what he sends you this month along with his New Year‘s Well Wishes … and the time has come. So, as we always suggest, find a place to relax and enjoy these fabulous photos from our Friend, Burg … you’ll be so glad you did.

Burg Ransom

Cunningham Copiers
Bayou Mosquito Licensed to Kill Banner 12.14.20
THOMAS B. WAHLDER Banner Ad 8.23.21 Banner Ad
Southern Heritage Bank Home Sweet Home Banner Ad 6.23.21
Tommy Wahlder dec banner 12121