by Dr. Randy Tompkins

As He began His ministry, Jesus was about 30 years old . . . Luke 3:23

The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia defines the word “Begin” as an action “to make the first movement toward a given end.”

As I was reading through material to develop a lesson, I came across an old saying that jumped off the page to me. “You don’t have to be amazing to start something, you just need to start something to be amazing.”

Have you ever had a dream or vision but never moved past the dreaming stage because you thought you could never achieve what you saw in your dream? The problem is not that you don’t have the ability to pull off the dream. The problem is you never start the action.

Star athletes don’t walk onto the field of play and immediately become super stars. They develop the idea they can become amazing and then they start working toward that goal. The same could be said of scientists, teachers, doctors, and even preachers. With the help of God you can do anything!

However, if you never start you will never find out how amazing you are.

The important element in being a leader or a visionary is to start something. Those that only dream but never start the process to make the dream come to fulfillment will never realize how talented, smart, or creative they are. They will not be able to see how God moves beside them to guide them in the development process.

I never thought I had the talent or capability to move an idea from the concept stage to the published book stage. I thought about it for almost a year and finally one day God stirred me with the thought, “The book will never become real if you don’t pick up a pen and start writing.”

Today I have a book on sale at national bookstores.

Getting started is the key to Being Amazing.

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In Christ’s Service,

Dr. Randy Tompkins

Interim Senior Adult Minister Calvary Baptist Church

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