From the Sundown Band

The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected everyone in some form or another. Musicians and entertainers have been hit hard financially, and the emotional aspect has not only affected the entertainers, but audiences, as well.

Sundown Band has felt the negative effects of the pandemic along with all the other local bands and entertainers in Central Louisiana and beyond. Artists and performers are often independent contractors whose income requires promotional efforts, and they are dependent on this income as a primary or secondary source.

Bands and musicians must hustle to be able to work. Hustling means booking shows and getting yourself out there, night after night. Live performances are the best way to generate revenue and create a fan base, while fulfilling that soulful desire for live music. Unfortunately, social distancing has put a stop to live shows for now, taking away everything from small, local gigs to outdoor festivals . Some bands are finding new ways to hustle, connecting with fans through live-streaming and online. We actually performed a few live feeds, but there is nothing like a live audience.

Bands, entertainers and audiences have all felt the emotional impact of no live performances. Most musicians and entertainers have a hunger and desire to play and perform. When that is removed, it leaves an emptiness that nothing else can fill. Music soothes the soul. Audiences have felt that emotional impact, too.

After Sundown Band performed their first post-pandemic show, so many people stated how good it was to be out, to hear the band. Most said “I needed this.”

Now that local venues are starting to open, there is still no live entertainment allowed inside. Hopefully, there will be soon. Fortunately, some outdoor performances have been allowed. When we, Sundown Band, saw the opportunity, we communicated with a few local venues and friends and were able to perform outdoors. It’s kind of like starting over again when you haven’t performed in a few months. With local support from our friends and followers, Sundown Band was able to come up with innovative ways to follow social distancing guidelines, but still perform.

We want to thank those in charge of the venues that helped create ways for us to perform. Thanks, also, to all our fans, friends and followers who helped support us during this time. You all are truly a blessing. We also ask for prayers and support for the bands, entertainers and local venues who have struggled through this, and those that had to close their doors. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Sundown Band

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