Brought To You By Wilbert Carmouche and Travel Avoyelles

Let’s face it, Avoyelles Parish IS the center of EVERYTHING Louisiana. For many years, books, historians, and others have made reference to central Louisiana as being “somewhere else,” but the time has come to state the facts … Avoyelles Parish is the CENTER OF LOUISIANA! 

At a recent luncheon to unveil their new logo, the Avoyelles Commission on Tourism/Travel Avoyelles also announced its new slogan, CENTRE DE LA LOUISIANE. As you can easily discern, that’s the “Center of Louisiana,” and they are looking forward to identifying themselves by this location that may only now be a realization for locals and tourists alike.

So next time you see the logo up there, you’ll know just what it’s all about … in our opinion, one of the best places in Louisiana to visit, live, and love … Thank you, Avoyelles Parish!

Now here is some more information about this lively, fun-loving, enjoyable travel destination (if you aren’t lucky enough to live there).

Avoyelles Parish, in central Louisiana, takes its name from Avoyels Indians, and we commemorate our Native American as well as our French Creole heritage. The rich history here is a story of its own.

The abundant wildlife and many waterways make this a hunting, fishing and bird-watching paradise, year-round.

A thriving agriculture industry beckons foodie travelers for authentic Louisiana cuisine.

Casino action boasts a different kind of wildlife, and a variety of accommodations make for a comfortable stay as you explore.

Avoyelles Parish has so much to offer, we suggest you head that way!


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