I was born and raised in New Orleans. I grew up in the (Bayou) Faubourg Saint John area. I don’t know where I learned art exactly, I feel like it came more from just doing, over and over again.

Both of my parents were artistic and I think that had some influence. I enjoyed and excelled at art in high school and I’ve taken some classes; mostly, I feel like my art is an expression of my own inner turmoil.

I enjoy doing eyes especially. I feel they have a life of their own. The smallest change can create a totally different mood or sentiment in the face.

My work is figurative as well as portraiture primarily. I venture into working from photographs rarely, though I do enjoy it, but my main Focus is on the faces which come from my mind. They express anguish more often than not, and I think this is a product of an instance of childhood trauma.

I’ve had a viewer look at my work and say, “I don’t wanna face my demons!“ For me, that’s what my art is truly about. I do have to say colors excite me; blending and shading are channels and avenues to render something that is in a way real and often, in a way, surreal.

The Gallery I’m in now, Renegade Art, 1222 Decatur St., New Orleans, came about when I stopped in and talked to Muriel and John at the gallery. I saw the name and in my head I said, “Renegade Art! That’s what I do!” It seemed like a good fit and I will say it has been great. Showing my work in one of the coolest cities in the world in one of the best parts of New Orleans, Lower Decatur, is something of a dream come true.

Right now you can see my work at:
Renegade Art Gallery
1222 Decatur
New Orleans, LA 70130

-Instagram: Sidarthur009

I work at the Gallery twice a week on weekends so feel free to stop in next time you’re in N.O.L.A.

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