by Adam Lord

The Alexandria Business Foundation has awarded LSU of Alexandria $600,000 toward funding an endowed chair of Accounting. The LSUA College of Business applied for a gift from the Foundation with the purpose of seeking Board of Regents matching funds.

LSUA will seek approval from the Louisiana Board of Regents to use 60/40 matching funds to create the Alexandria Business Foundation Endowed Chair of Accounting. Since 2017, the Accounting program at LSUA has grown by 644%, from 59 students in 2017 to 441 students this fall. The rapid growth of the program is evidence of the high demand for accountants in the regional economy. The endowment will allow the LSUA College of Business to attract and retain quality accounting faculty.

An endowed chair of Accounting will be a crucial step toward addressing the critical shortage of accountants. Additionally, the investment provides funding to propel research, experiential learning, and professional development for LSUA faculty and students. It is our hope other local benefactors find ways to support the endowed chair to nurture leaders in the business community and bolster tomorrow’s financial workforce.

LSUA has enjoyed a fruitful relationship with the Alexandria Business Foundation over the last two decades. The Foundation has contributed $187,450 for scholarships, $100,000 for the planned Student Success Center, and $600,000 in the current gift that, when paired with a state match, will bring the total investment in LSUA to $1.2 million.

The generous gift of the Foundation will be memorialized in a named conference room in the new Student Success Center breaking ground this spring, recognized in the College of Business Hall of Distinction, recorded in a commemorative video, and featured in programming at the Rotary Club of Alexandria.

In 1957, the Credit Bureau of Alexandria was incorporated by local business leaders to provide credit services for its members. In 1995, the bureau was rebranded as the Alexandria Credit Bureau Foundation to further charitable and educational purposes in Central Louisiana. The vision of the Foundation was to “be a source of strength and support for educating, encouraging, and equipping the community to thrive and triumph through business over the economic challenges of the new millennium.” In 2002, the Foundation merged with the Alexandria Business Foundation. The board of the Foundation decided to dissolve in 2022 and offered the balance of its foundation for local investment.

It is with the deepest gratitude the leadership of LSUA, the College of Business, and the LSUA Foundation give thanks to the most recent board members, including Stephen Wright (President), Wayne Miller (Vice President), Randall Seeser (Secretary), Car Rand Carstens, Tom Hardin, Edwin Caplan, Frank Brame, Jason Cobb, and Harry Silver (deceased).


Photo credit – Nathan Parish | LSUA Division of Strategic Communications

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