TIFFANY ANN POLLOCK and ERIC JOHANSON Blues In My Blood CD Release Spirits, March 30, 2019

This special event was a unique experience for everyone in attendance! Family ties are truly those that bind! Two cousins, Tiffany Ann Pollock and Eric Johanson took the Spirits’ stage and brought the house down, performing tunes from their new CD, Blues In My Blood. The irony is that it hasn’t been that long since they found out their family ties existed; the beauty is that it didn’t take them long to realize theirs was a super special union of blood and soul! They were joined onstage by Aunts and Cousins and in the room by Uncles and lots of Friends! Their story is amazing, the outcome wonderful! Pick up a copy of the CD at one of these websites today, it’s excellent, you’ll want more!

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