It has been my honor and pleasure to serve as your Councilman for District 5.  During this period of time, my focus has been to support all projects that benefit District 5 and Alexandria as a whole. From economic development projects such as Holiday Inn Downtown and CLTCC, to necessary drainage projects to protect property and people, my priority is to work together to better our community in all areas. My feeling has always been that I am elected from District 5, but also represent the entire City.   Serving with three different Mayors and several different  councilpersons, working together, we have accomplished positive changes for our City. There’s work yet to be done, and I’m ready to do my part to make it happen.

Projects Completed:

  • Randolph Riverfront Center
  • River Oaks Square Arts Center
  • Coughlin-Saunders Performing Arts Center
  • Public Safety Complex for Fire & PoliceHeadquarters for first responders and medical personnel
  • Alexandria Zoo Expansion
  • Subdivision Growth and Development
  • Continual Upgrading of City Website for Interactive Use
  • Alexandria Riverfront Amphitheaterincludes river overlook structure and beautification
  • Compton Park and other park development
  • Links on the Bayou Golf Course
  • Johnny Downs Complex includes facilities for baseball, softball and soccer
  • Heyman Lane Development and Improvements
  • Versailles Avenue Development Completion along the Lakes District Development
  • Procuring CLTCC Campus downtown through rigorous efforts to meet criteria for location
  • City Electric Production additions evaluation, plans and construction for new Wärtsilä generators
  • Broadway Resource Center
  • Frank O. Hunter Park Football Stadium, Gymnasium, Playground and Walking Trails
  • Street Infrastructure Resurfacing and Panel Replacementincludes Horseshoes Drive and many others
  • City Park and Harmon Park Splash Pads
  • Fire Station replacement and relocation to keep Citizens insurance premiums from rising
  • Rehabilitating Bringhurst Golf Course for all to use


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