by Dan Diefenderfer

I am saddened by the loss of a friend. Willie Harp, publisher of Cenla Focus, was a true “Cenlain,” a word, according to Rod Noles, that was true Williespeak! He brought great ideas home to Central Louisiana and always believed in supporting local businesses. He will be missed.

We have just witnessed an unheralded LSU football season that will go down in football annals as one, if not THE greatest! With the amazing direction of Coach O, we will look forward to what next season brings. Hats off to Coach O, Joe, the entire team and staff. Way to go!

It’s a digital age and Magazine is on the move. By the end of this year, technology will grow exponentially. There will be an iPhone 12 before you blink! Take advantage of our digital platform and keep up with trends that are changing day by day. It will put you on the cutting edge of online advertising. The stories, information, pictures, news, sports and so much more will keep you coming back.

From all of us at Magazine, we send our love, and we hope you will spread a little Love around, too! Until next time! Dief

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