by Dan "Dief" Diefenderfer

Mother Nature has opened summer’s doors early this year!

The great, but warm, weather has me anticipating a wonderful summer though. Staycations in Louisiana could be just the answer to your winter cabin fever. In the words of our Lieutenant  Governor, your “Staycation” right here at home will bring you experiences you’ll love and long remember, and some may be in your own backyard!

June vacations, summer beaches, the lakes, bayous, and rivers of Louisiana, all provide plenty of outdoor fun. Who knows, you may even decide to purchase that new boat, pontoon, or other watercraft.  Whatever the case, we wish you the best during this active season full of sun and fun!

Gardens are flourishing right now, and with the right amount of rain, the combination will be bountiful for our Louisiana farmers at home and in the fields. Watch for recipes including fresh picked vegetables.

Please be sure to check out our Roving~Restaurant~Reviewer, Ronny Green, always in search of the most delectable dining in Cenla! This month’s review (in the “Food and Drink” category), as always, is fantastic and showcases one of Cenla’s newest restaurants.

Please continue to support your friends and neighbors. Keep your family close and Thank God for everything we have! Keep shopping at your local retailers …

And … remember to spread a little Love! Dief

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