This is a big knife big fork situation. You may be wondering what a big knife big fork situation is; please allow me to explain. If you’ve been making dinner reservations and sitting across the table from gorgeous women for as long as I have, then, you can understand the importance of keeping a special occasion dinner reservation in your back pocket or mental rolodex for whenever said special occasion arises. Whether it be an anniversary, birthday, promotion celebration, or just a Friday night change of pace, Diamond Grill has a cozy table underneath candlelights just for you and that special someone or party of special people.

Tonight, the red carpet has been rolled out with a spectacular three-course spread. My steak was seasoned with rosemary, butter, salt and pepper and then seared on each side, providing the perfect crust. Grilled asparagus and a red wine demi-glace were paired with this butter knife tender steak. Underneath the dim lights of Diamond Grill everything looks so fancy. As I took another swig of my margarita, a blackened red snapper, resting on a bed of tomato beurre blanc and topped with lump crab meat, was placed in front of me. Each fork full revealed the freshness of the seafood and the time and preparation spent creating such a marvelous dish. Two plates in and I’m already blown away by the flavors being served. Last, but certainly not least, scallops drizzled with a seafood butter cream sauce topped with lump crabmeat and Bowfin caviar. Any time caviar and candlelights are involved, you just know you’ve arrived at a big knife big fork situation.

Scott Laliberte, Chief Operating Officer of the Diamond Grill has pulled up a chair to talk about providing that white tablecloth, upscale dining experience and the importance of remaining active in the community. The kitchens at the Diamond Grill and The Bentley Room Dining also serve as a place to educate, train, and develop local up and coming talented chefs. This 1937 jewelry store revival stands out amongst its peers in the 318 dining scene, a place where you can put your napkin across your lap, enjoy an exceptional atmosphere, raise a glass and celebrate life.

Diamond Grill
924 3rd St
Alexandria, La

Ronny Green

Ronny G lives in the NeighborHood Star Entertainment promotions department, only comes out for good food and a good time..

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