City Presents Service Awards to Employees

More than 80 employees honored for service

Mayor Jeffrey W. Hall presented the 2019 Service Awards to city employees during the annual luncheon on Thursday, Dec. 5, in Convention Hall.

Each year the City takes this day to recognize employees for their years of service. Mayor Hall said he also wanted to thank all city workers, as well, for their continued dedication and commitment to making Alexandria a great place to live.

“I’ve now officially been in office one year, and during that time, I really think we have made some great progress. But we couldn’t have done it without you,” Hall said. “Without the hard work each of you do every day, I could not do my job successfully.”

City workers who received awards include:

10 Year Awards

Patrick Montgomery                       Traffic Department              Sign Artist

Galen Hollingsworth                        Fire Department                 Fire Equipment Operator

Peter Wood                                    Fire Department                  Fire Equipment Operator

Caleb Ducote                                 Fire Department             Fire Equipment Operator

David Carson                                 Lab Testing                     Super-Environmental Serv

Jason Shorter                                 Fire Department              Fire Equipment Operator

Jacob Tarver                                  Fire Department              Fire Equipment Operator

Cory Brumfield                               Fire Department               Fire Equipment Operator

Edward Scott                                 Police                               Corporal-Police

David Soderberg                           Police                             Corporal-Police

Anthony Alexander                        Animal Shelter                 Crew Leader

Christopher Rini                            Fire Department             Fire Equipment Operator

Angele Ehlers                                Zoological Park              Zoo Media Specialist

Jacqueline Warner                        Bus-Revenue Veh.         Transit Operator

Reginald Hebert                            Fire Department             Fire Prevention Officer

Kevin Scott                                   Management Info Sys      PC/Network Tech

Maurice Lowery                           Utility Services Dept          Crew Supervisor

Stacy Hair                                    Gas Distribution               Gas System Tech

Franklin Hadwin, Jr.                      Animal Shelter                Kennel Tech

Samuel Allen                                Fire                                Fire Prevention Officer


15 Year Awards

Charmin Weis                                    Printing                            Print Shop Coordinator

Pamela Willis                                    Engineering                      Clerical Specialist

Michael Gray                                    Gas Distribution               Crew Supervisor

Melissa Carroll                                 Business Office                Customer Acct Team Leader

Addam Kelly                                       Fire                                 Captain-Fire

Douglas Alford                                   Police                              Corporal-Police

Blake Butler                                        Police                             Sergeant-Police

Elliot Fruge                                          Police                                Corporal-Police

Christopher Jenkins                           Police                                 Corporal-Police

Jacob Reimer                                      Police                                Corporal-Police

Michael Stroud                                   Police                                 Corporal-Police

Curtis Fogleman                                Utility Services Dept            Super-Utility Serv

Martin Campbell                               Const. Dev.                          Multi Trades Inspector

Wanda Knight                                    Police                                  Jailer

Joshua Lacombe                               Wastewater Collection      Crew Supervisor

Ty Bowie                                            Water Production              Crew Supervisor

Terry Johnson                                    Community Services         Supervisor Custodial

Vera Raye Good                               Code Enforcement           Code Enforcement Officer Sr

Christine Sims                                    Purchasing                       Buyer Senior

Michael Marler                                   Utility Services Dept        Eng Tech III

Larry Franklin, Jr.                              Wastewater Collection     Equipment Operator


20 Year Awards

Ronald Dean                       Traffic    Department                    Sign & Marking Specialist

Franklin Ducote, Jr.          Electric Distribution                         Electric Dist. Systems Tech

Floyd McFarland               Electric Production                          Electric Plant Shift Super

Victor Miles                        Rec Facilities Maintenance            Equipment Operator I

Samuel Hicks                      Streets and Parks                         Crew Leader Street Maint.

Henry Jacobs, Jr.               Central Warehouse                          Inventory Coordinator

Dana Daigre                       Accounting                                    Accounting Manager

Jerald Duncan                    Fire                                                Captain-Fire

Christopher Mitchum          Fire                                                 Captain-Fire

Jeffrey Mobley                    Fire                                                 Captain-Fire

Eric Vercher                        Fire                                                Captain-Fire

Alfred Payne                      Customer Field Services Supervisor Utility Fld Svs

Samuel Thomas, Jr.           Electric Distribution                            Electric Meter Tech

Mashack McCall                Maint of Public Bldgs                         Painter

Cynthia White                    Water Production                             Water Plant Operator

Anthony Carmouche         Central Warehouse                          Supervisor Central Warehouse


25 Year Awards

Charles Shirley                 Electric Distribution                         Elec Substitution Tech I

Timmy West                       Fire                                                Captain-Fire

Jacqueline Roberts          Customer Service                            Customer Acct Rep

Patrick Searcy                  Fire                                                 Captain-Fire

Traci Gilmore Clayton      Accounting                                       Accountant

Jonathon Shorter             Sanitation                                        Equip Operator II

Patrick Williams                Fire                                                 Captain-Fire

Eugene Ellis, Jr.               Sanitation                                        Equip Operator II

Murral Williams Utility       Services Department                       Equip Operator II

Gregory Harvey               Rec Facilities Maintenance            Equip Operator I

Kelvin Reed                     Water Distribution                           Crew Supervisor

Ricky Beauregard            Wastewater Collection                   Maintenance Mechanic I

Karen Kelly                       Bus-General Admin                       Transit Manager

Robert Riley                     Fire                                                Captain Fire


30 Year Awards

Lester Randle                    Water Distribution                           Crew Supervisor

Ronny Pfeifer, Jr.               Water Production                            Elec/Instr Tech- Wastewater

Jeannie Brown                  Maint of Public Buildings                 Painter I

Cordell Normand, Jr.        Fire Department                               2nd Assistant Chief Fire

Mathew Layssard             Wastewater Collection                     Crew Supervisor WW

Maurice Burnaman          Gas Distribution                               Crew Supervisor Gas Distribution

Bennie Ouber                  Fire                                                 1st Asst Chief Fire

Michael Clark                   Fire                                                  2nd Asst Chief Fire

David Goss                      Electric Distribution                          Electric Line Worker Sr

James Graham                Water Distribution                           Super Water Operation

Jeffrey Lachney               Construction Development          Multi Trades Inspector


35 Year Awards

Donna Jones                       City Council                                 City Clerk

Freddie Cunningham          Traffic Department                       Sign & Marking Spec


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