Calvary Special Needs Ministry

Every fall, the deacons at Calvary Baptist Church host a golf tournament. The proceeds from this tournament fund a ministry designed to support people with special needs, either developmental or physical, and the families that support them. Calvary’s Special Needs Ministry includes adults in our community who have a physical or developmental disability. Several group homes and organizations in our community who serve adults with developmental disabilities are supported by this ministry.

Each week, Calvary offers weekly Sunday morning classes for all ages from the very young to older adults in need of a classroom setting specifically designed to support their needs. This can include a buddy and specially designed activities. Our key annual events are a Family Vacation Bible School offered in June and a Thanksgiving/Christmas Celebration in November for our families and group homes. The November event includes a Christmas pageant. These events include all ages.

Twice, Calvary has hosted a Night to Shine prom event sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation, including 150 honored guests age 14 and up. This event is hosted every two years in February and over 300 volunteers step forward to support the attendees and activities for the evening. In February 2020, Calvary will host this event again.

During the school year, we reach out to high school teens and young adults with special needs for Life Skill training. For many of our Calvary activities during the week, we provide care for children with special needs so family members can participate.

We want every individual with special needs, along with their families and caregivers, to know that they are special and to feel loved, accepted, and supported. We also want them to learn and grow in a relationship with the loving God who created each of them.

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