by Ronny Green

The recipe for an exceptional dining out experience includes many different ingredients. What are the specials? How long is the wait? Are there multiple options of made-in-house salad dressings? Without having the answers to those questions ahead of time, I knew I was walking into an exceptional dining out experience when i heard Prince’s “Erotic City” playing over the outside speaker system.

Today’s quest for the best offerings in local eats and treats brings me to Brown Bag Gourmet in Marksville where owner Trent Bonnette’s flare for presentation is evident by the plating of the spread he’s prepared for me this afternoon. The Fresh Gulf Seafood Salad is first up featuring a hefty line up of jumbo lump crab meat, grilled shrimp and a soft shell crab served over fresh spring greens and accompanied by fresh tomatoes, red onions, croutons, Parmesan cheese, pecans, and a house-made white Remoulade dressing; one of seventeen house-made dressings from which to choose. This isn’t your value menu grab and go salad. This is more of a symphony on a plate, delicious to the last bite, until the only things left are the peelings from the shrimp. Next up is a dish that truly embodies the concept of “you eat with your eyes first.” The Tuna Stack is made with sushi grade tuna and avocado tossed in a Sriracha Aioli, sweet soy and Tobiko along with crispy wontons. Think about a sushi roll deconstructed then put back together with layers of robust flavors resting on a bed of spring greens, now, glance at the picture of said tuna stack, yes, indeed, it is as good as it looks. For dessert, I’m treated to a new offering from Brown Bag. A Peach Cobbler served in a personal sized mason jar topped with whipped cream and refreshing mint straight from the garden in the back, also polished with powdered sugar and served with a puff pastry which is a welcomed alternative to the traditional crust backed on top.

Trent grew up in the restaurant industry, spending time as executive chef locally, as well as gaining first hand experience throughout the fast paced kitchen circles of New Orleans. His goal for Brown Bag was to produce a menu offering like no other in the area. Ten years later Brown Bag Gourmet has been successful in providing a fresh upscale dining out experience in a comfortable inviting setting.

Brown Bag Gourmet

310 Acton Rd
Marksville, LA


Ronny Green

Ronny G lives in the Neighborhood Star Entertainment promotions department, only comes out for good food and a good time …

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