Coach Tony Bennett Declined Raise; He and His Wife Pledged $500K to Career Program at University of Virginia

by Coach Dale Brown

The word COACH was first used in the 1500’s in England. A coach was a horse drawn carriage used to transport a person of importance from where he or she is to where he or she wants to be, could be, needs to be, or ought to be going.

All these years later, that is exactly what a real coach should be doing, which is making good use of the power a coach has to reach and teach young people about issues and ideas that will carry them not only through a season but through a lifetime. It isn’t who you coach or where you coach but why you coach.

Tony Bennett, you remind me so very much of Coach John Wooden. He told me he never asked for a raise his entire career at UCLA and he won 10 National Championships. His highest salary was $32,500. He said, “Happiness begins where selfishness ends.” Also, he felt that talent is God-given and you should be humble. Fame is man-given and you should be grateful. Conceit is self-given and you should be careful.

You are a breath of fresh air! Continued blessings to you.

Coach Dale Brown

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